Customer Support

Email Inquiries to [email protected]

Please allow up to 24 hrs for response time as we are working hard to get to your questions and inquiries.

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Hours of Operation

Store hours/Order processing: Monday to Friday 9AM – 5PM(MST)
Company information email/Customer service: 24/7 *times may vary during Statutory Holidays.

Terms and Service

Must be 19 years of age or older to register and order from the site (proof of age required upon registration).
When registering, a picture of a government issued identification is required, unclear or obstructed pictures will not be accepted.
KC has the right to deny service to any registrant.
Registrants that are proven to be abusing coupons (ie. Multiple attempts at using our ‘Welcome Code’ may lead to refusal of service and the termination of their account.)
All sales are final. All other issues are addressed in the ‘Refund Policy’ section of the FAQ.
Purchases are made at the risk of the customer, KC is not liable for the product. With that said KC will mitigate all claims and seek to achieve common satisfaction with the customer and the company. Please address all inquiries to the company’s email ([email protected]).

Personal Liablilty

All of KC’s products should be used responsibly.
KC recommends their products to not be used in conjuction while operating a motor vehicle, heavy machinery, or in any and all potentially safety comprimising situations.
All of KC’s products are meant to address medical conditions or for recreation.
KC is not responsible for the personal actions of any customers.


Delivery Policy

KC guarantees the delivery of any order until it reaches the Canada Post delivery status of ‘delivered’.
In the event the package has as delivery status of ‘delivered’ and the package is not received, the onus is on the customer to open a ticket with Canada Post. With evidence that the package was delivered to an incorrect address and that this has also been confirmed by Canada Post, KC will redeliver the original order or apply a store credit (the order will be redelivered at a maximum of one redelivery). *KC reserves the right to apply the resolution.
If the delivery status with Canada Post is ‘lost’ or ‘undeliverable’, KC will redeliver at no charge for a maximum of (1) redelivery *KC may wait up to two weeks before redelivering due to the possibility Canada Post has made an error on their end and would require time to resolve.

Delivery Processing Time

All completed orders (when payment is received during store hours) before 11am MST time will be processed for delivery same day to Canada Post and shipped via Canada Post Express.
Orders processed after this cutoff time (11am MST) will be shipped the next day.
Estimated Canada Post deliver times are 1-3 days. *Exceptions and delays can occur and are subject to Canada Post’s operations.

International Shipping

KC only delivers domestically within Canada.

Order Policy

Potential customers must register on the website. When the registration is validated an order can be placed. After the order is placed a confirmation email will be sent. In this confirmation, payment instructions will be included. When the payment is confirmed, another email containing payment instructions will be sent and KC will begin processing the order and shipment.

Shipping Fees

All orders over $150 (Net total after sales discounts and coupons will be shipped at no extra charge). *If you prefer to have ‘Signature Required’ please note in the comments section of the order and KC will upgrade the delivery to that requirement.
All orders under $150 (Net total after sales discounts and coupons will be charged $20 flat fee).
All orders over $300 will be shipped with ‘Signature Required’ upon receipt. *If you prefer to not have ‘Signature Required’, please note in the comments section of the order and KC will remove that option.


Sales Policy & Order Amendments

Any orders made prior to a sales or promotional code release, cannot be amended. For example, if an order is placed and payment is sent on day 1, and a sales or promotional code is released on day 2, the day 2 code cannot be applied retroactively to the day 1 order. An order is considered final when payment is confirmed/processed.

Changing Order(s)

Any changes to your order after payment is received must be communicated as soon as possible to the company’s email ([email protected]) in order for any revisions or amendments to take place on the paid order.
Revisions and amendments cannot be made if the order has been delivered. *Please contact company email for any inquiries ([email protected]).

How is my order packaged and delivered

All order are delivered via Canada Post postal service.
All flower orders are packed with moisture packs to ensure freshness and sealed caps under the lids of the packed jars.

Is it Safe to Buy from Kootenay Craft?

All of our products are sourced from medically licensed growers.

Issues with your Order

All issues should be directed to the company’s email ([email protected]). All queries will be answered promptly.

Order Processing Time

Orders will be processed on the same day (during operating hours and up to 48 hours).

Order Tracking

Tracking numbers will be sent when order is processed. Please note tracking statuses are only updated when the package is received by Canada Post (refer to ‘Delivery Processing Time’ in the FAQ for typical cutoff times).

Refund Policy

Faulty products (ie mold, bud rot, etc.) will be reimbursed via store credit ONLY.
All issues with KC’s product are required to be communicated promptly (72 hours upon receipt with KC via company email: [email protected]). *For issues with products, please provide adequate evidence (ie. Clear photos/video of issues) so that KC can evaluate the deficiencies. Falsified claims(ie. non original or doctored photo evidence) will be dismissed and lead to termination of the account.

Return Policy

Please refer to the ‘Refund Policy’ of the FAQ.

Sales Promotions

Please subscribe to the company newsletter and sales codes/promotions details will be provided in those communications(subscribe during registration or email customer service and request to be added to the newsletter).

What Happens if I don’t Receive my Order?

Please refer to the ‘Delivery Policy’ of the FAQ.

Welcome Coupon Policy

The ‘Welcome Coupon’ is meant to be used once and by new registrants.
Attempts to re-use this promotion will not be accepted(abuse of the coupon may result in denial of services).


Accepted Method(s) of Payment

EMT only

Is GST Included?

GST is included in all prices.

Minimum Order

There is no minumum amount.


Kootenay Craft’s Shatter Product Policy

Our Kootenay Labs’ shatter is of the highest grade and is the most stable in the industry. Although it maintains its physical integrity through average room temperature, like any concentrate product, it can destabilize and soften at high and extreme heat. Kootenay Craft accepts no responsibility for damage while in transit or in possession of the customer. Please take this into consideration when ordering, the purchase of our concentrate products is at your own risk.

Black Ash vs White Ash

KC firmly believes that “white ash” is not a firm indicator of properly flushed cannabis plants. All KC flowers are rigourously inspected and been through adequate flush time as deemed by our Master Growers in order to achieve a high quality flower. *Please direct all inquiries to the company email ([email protected]).

Product Authenticity

All products are grown and processed in the Kootenay region of British Columbia.

Product Swapping

In the event payment is made and KC’s inventory is in fact sold out, an email will be sent back to resolve the partial order, if KC does not get a reply within 48 hours, the missing product will be refunded or applied as a store credit and the rest of the order will ship
In the event a payment is made and KC’s inventory for that order is incorrect, an email will be sent to notify the customer. KC will put the order on hold for up to 48 hours. If no reply is provided within this window, the customer will be refunded for the amount of the ‘Sold Out’ product portion of the order.

Quality Assurance

KC stands behind all of the products that make it onto the website. Thorough selection processes have been made by KC prior to products being available for sale.

Mold or Faulty Products

Please refer to the ‘Return Policy’ of the FAQ.


Samples may be provided based on availability.