Mission Statement

To thoughfully select and curate a distinct and unique line of cannabis products for our customers. We also aim to provide excellent service and to foster and build upon our new and existing relationships with our customers through timely and transparent communications. We are largely in part here for you, the customers, with hopes of becoming your top choice when it comes to fulfilling your cannabis needs.

About Kootenay Craft

At Kootenay Craft, our number one objective is to source the highest quality of cannabis products to provide for our customers. Quality is defined in many different and subjective ways, and our team of curators rely on their experience and knowledge of the plants to carefully select the products that we would define as top quality craft cannabis. Aromatics, terpenes, texture, bud density, taste, growing environment, feed.. These are only some of the factors that go into our selection process when it comes to choosing what products we want to make available on our site.

It is also worth mentioning that all the cannabis that we source, come from growers that are medically licensed. At this time, our dried cannabis selection is categorized into three groupings; Top Shelf, Platinum and Canadian Select. The products that are more widely accessible and grown by many people are typically grouped into the Canadian Select group. These flowers are of very high potential and quality and are quality checked in small batches. Our more exotic and very carefully selected and masterfully cultivated cannabis lines are the flowers that make up the Top Shelf and Platinum groups. I like to think of these plants like vegetables grown in your grandma’s garden; grown in small batches, grown with care and love, and only accessible in limited quantities. These products end up being the “cream of the crop” and of the highest qualities and often times significantly better than what you may or may not receive from a large grow operations.
We believe in and stand behind our Canadian craft growers – the individuals and teams that have been mastering this art for decades. Canada is world renowned as having some of the best cannabis.
We typically shy away from selecting cannabis grown by very large commercial growers, as we believe automation and large scale operations may take away from the attentive care and attention to detail that our craft growers provide.
We believe in selecting smaller batch, carefully grown cannabis from the Kootenay region of British Columbia to offer our customers.
We strive to be your portal of access to this very special and unique range of carefully curated cannibis.. Our mission is to provide the best craft from the Kootenays.

Company Profile and Values

Over the last two decades, our founders at Kootenay Craft have developed very meaningful personal and business relationships with craft master growers within the region of the Kootenays in British Columbia, Canada. Through these relationships, they have been able to develop exclusive access to source some of the most unique and special products from this region (the Kootenays), known geographically as one of the first pioneers in cannabis cultivation within Canada. Many of the strains that we offer on our site are very limited in quantity, meaning that the growers out here only allocate so much of their product to KC. The majority of the craft is consumed and/or distributed locally, we here at KC feel fortunate that some of these flowers are provided to us and we are able to make it accessible for our customers across the country.

On a corporate level

We believe in transparency and honest communications between us and our customers. We take the time to listen and respond to every correspondence that is received. Our entire team uses a direct “hands-on” approach at all levels when an order is being processed. Our team is engaged from the initial acquisition of our products, packaging and order fulfillment. This type of approach lets our team deal with our customers very directly. All of the emails sent to [email protected] are received and read by all members at Kootenay Craft; this allows our team to work collarboratively with each other and efficiently to address all questions and comments (our customers are never directed to a help desk or a receptionist).
This horizontal corporate structure enables us to address all matters directly without going through a typical corporate hierarchy where matters need to be escalated to a certain level before the issue is addressed. We believe our customers value this and we will continue to operate in this manner for the foreseeable future. We also believe in organic growth and put little emphasis on becoming the largest distributor in Canada… We represent a network of craft master growers in the Kootenays and are here to serve as a liason between them and the people that really appreciate this craft. Our margins are reasonable and fair, any savings on our end are always reflected in our pricing for our customers. We are motivated and continue to work on becoming the best provider of the Kootenay Craft that we all love so much.
We strive to be your online go-to “mom and pop” shop and we look forward to continue developing our business and continue strengthening our relationships with our customers.
We appreciate the patience and support that our customers have shown, and we look forward to continuously improving and providing the best products that we can for our clientele.