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Living Soil cannabis production is the Kootenay regions latest organic cutting-edge technique to grow supreme craft product. Live soils contain all the organic nutrients, beneficial bacterias, and friendly fungus required to feed a robust plant from seed to harvest. The result is much denser root development and terpenes that are off the charts. True genetic potential is unlocked from this beautiful yet simplistic approach. This is craft cannabis at its finest.

One of our most potent strains to date, in living soil form. Ideal for those who want heavy effects.

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  1. Jacob Oddie (verified owner)

    I like this Living Soil version of Black Mamba much better than the other Black Mamba KC has on here. It was well worth the asking price. Looks, smells, tastes and smokes great. Potent high as well. I would actually rate LSBM as a 4.5/5.

  2. Tom (verified owner)

    I haven’t had the other Black Mamba but I believe it was from Cali Connection. This strain has a sour funk that came with Blue King. May have been grown in the same room with the same room fragrances, its not as heavy as some other heavy hitting indicas but at this price point there is nothing to complain about. The ashes were almost pure white with a bit of salt an pepper here and there.

  3. Zachary Smith (verified owner)

    LOOK- Crazy nice deep green and purples 5/5
    SMELL- The grape aroma let off from this strain is incredible and i have been smelling the jar throughout the day because its intoxicating. 5/5
    POTENCY 4/5 Not as potent as other strains i’ve had (cactus breath, tfpk or chocolate japan) but the high was definitely still very strong.
    BURN/SMOKE- white with a slight pepper but the smoke was so light and was very well cured. 4.5/5

  4. Clealand (verified owner)

    I have both of the Black Mamba strains from KC and I’d put this Living Soil version slightly ahead, simply because of the taste when vaping. There is a pine flavour which is smooth rather than sharp tasting like some other strains with similar turpene profiles. Both versions gave a very good long lasting balanced high, but neither of them were overwhelmingly potent otherwise I’d be giving them 5 stars. I am pleased with both purchases and would buy again.

  5. Ashley Wallis (verified owner)

    Very nice beautiful fat crystal covered buds smell like berry. Excellent high

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