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Animal Face is a rare sativa dominant hybrid formulated by crossing Face Off OG with Animal Mints.  The buds are bulbous and dense with mint green colorations and rusty pistils coated in a shimmering sea of crystals.  The smells that emanate from the strain are an extremely pungent diesel aroma with a mild hint of minty pine.  Animal Mints has quite the plethora of flavours that include earthiness, nuttiness, a minty taste, which envelopes your mouth, and a tail end zip of spice.  The high is incredibly potent and hits the head with a powerful cerebral blast at the onset.  A pleasant relaxation follows a while after which, along with the mental euphoria, leads to a great experience.

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  1. Oluwagbemiga Boyede

    no way could you skip this one beautiful craft stuff here!

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