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A cross of Purple Punch and Black Cherry Pie.  These dense cleanly trimmed flowers have bright orange hairs have and an generous amount of trichomes.  Smells of fruit and citrus come forth when the buds are snapped apart.  Combustion brings a very mild hint of fruit.  Initial cerebral effects are transformed into a relaxed body sensation associated with Indica dominant strains


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  1. Andrew Mallet (verified owner)

    An excellent indica strain. For me personally I enjoy this one the most by rolling it as a joint or blunt. With the vape it was just as good but just my preference. It burns very even, slow, and has a really smooth sweet taste. Not dry but not too moist, enough to make it sticky enough so it rolls and burns perfectly. To me I could really taste a sweet black cherry type of flavor. It was strong to me but in a good way. I tend to roller smaller joints with this one. It made me feel relaxed, euphoric, and relieved my powerful headache that I had.

    Best things about this is how it burns, tastes, and a great relaxing high to chill with or need some pain relief. Great before bed.

  2. Kevin Polidano (verified owner)

    This was pretty nice. You can smell the cherry. Also feint cherry taste in the smoke. Burned well. Nice ash, light colored. Taste was pretty good.

  3. TKO (verified owner)

    Smells like it sounds. Not as dark as the pic. I got small nugs in my Q. Very good trichome coverage, taste. Burns light grey ash. Potency is like 8 out of 10. Solid Indica for the price. Low quads.

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