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Blue Dream has small to medium-sized buds that, when cured, have a popcorn-like, nugget shape. The leaves are primarily dark green. Interestingly, few phenotypes show the blue to lavender hues so often associated with parent strain Blueberry. Blue Dream’s plentiful trichomes are often clear in color, meaning that, while sticky to the touch, leaves don’t always have the same silvery sheen as other resinous strains — nevertheless, these flowers are very sticky and can be tricky to break up without use of a grinder. Buds of Blue Dream have a skunky-sweet smell with strong notes of berry and grape. There are also vaguely spicy and herbal undertones, evidence of the genetics inherited from parent strain Haze. This strain gives off a harsh smoke that can sting the sinuses and often induce coughing. On the exhale, the smoke retains a berry flavor, with some hints of herbs and musk. The odor from Blue Dream can linger for a while, and smokers.

Enjoying wide availability and a high that’s friendly to novices and experienced users alike, Blue Dream shows no sign of losing its status as one of the most popular strains in U.S. on the West. Boasting large amounts of sticky, THC-filled resin, it’s an excellent choice for making hash and other concentrates that distill its psychoactivity as well as its herbal-berry goodness.  Blue Dream’s great taste along with its mellow and malleable effects make it a great strain to share with friends or to enjoy alone for some low-key introspection.

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9 reviews for BLUE DREAM

  1. Jeff

    really stinky stuff. for the price point you can’t go wrong thanks kc

  2. Brent (verified owner)

    Had a Ozzy arrive mid week. fantastic buds shape, look and smell. highly recommended

  3. mike

    Hi. This has been very enjoyable. The berries come through in smell and taste. It’s bouquet is fantastic. A very nicely balanced strain. Good effects.

  4. Frank 

    My first order from KC just arrived,,the blue dream was the best I have had in smell , taste and what a beautiful high..
    very fast delivery also
    Thanks KC

  5. Slider

    Man is this stuff skunky and sweet smelling. Huge sticky buds and a very nice energetic buzz. For some reason I expected this one to be more relaxing but so far not so much. And I really can’t believe this flower is at the third pricing level. Its a great bargain. The only negative is that the smoke is a wee bit harsh but there is a lovely pine and berry taste on exhale.

  6. Guile

    I could give it a 5 star for quality and price, but it doesn’t really looks like the picture. Less dense and not really orange. Is it good? Do I recommend? Hell yeah!

  7. John

    Hugh buds. very strong smell and great high, cant got wrong with the price on this one.

  8. James (verified owner)

    Bang for your buck can’t miss. Strong smell escapes to attack the nose once the jar is opened. The buds vary from nice med size dense sticky to small slightly loose popcorn. 4/5 trim.
    Clean burning, smooth smoking, flavour carries into the smoke decently well.
    High is well balanced, clear headed and social, with enough indica traits to take the anxiety edge off. Perhaps a bit short lived of a high vs some heavy hitters. I will happily buy again. Great daytime functional flavour smoke. Blunt weed !!!!

  9. Matthew Lam

    Man I’d get a Quarter Pound of this stuff…. if it weren’t sold out.

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