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Blue Jager is a designer strain created from the Jagermeister lineage.  Visually, the buds of Blue Jager are pointy and lighter green in coloration accompanied by light orange pistils and a heavy layer of trichomes.  Opening or breaking apart a nugget of Blue Jager yields a terpene profile that can be described as sweetness mixed with an earthy smell.  With use, Blue Jager translates its smell into a similar mildly sweet and earthy taste with a hint of woodiness.  Users find that Blue Jager offers a pleasant feeling of relaxation with a focused mental high that seems to hit more into the base of the head.

(Disclaimer: The container label for this product has a spelling error and should read Blue “Jager” not “Jaeger”.  We apologize for any confusion that this may cause).

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2 reviews for BLUE JAGER

  1. redwing22 (verified owner)

    Very smooth smoke. Easy on the lungs. Nice looking nugs. Very little smell or flavor.

  2. mark white (verified owner)

    Another fine example of well grown herb. I found this strain to be very terpy and nice to look at. The high is well balanced and relaxing, good effects in head and body. although the lineage is not given in the description i suspect blue dream, cheese, and jaeger. KC continues to deliver, always looking forward to the new strains each month.

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