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The popular strains of Blueberry and OG Kush were crossed to create the strain Blueberry OG.  The dense buds are pale lime green with pale orange pistils covered in a nice layer of trichomes.  The buds break apart to release a pungent fruity smell with underlying hints of earthiness and a trace of diesel that is noticeable with use as well.  The high is pleasant and may be suggested as a good daytime strain as the psychoactive kick is not as potent as some heavier strains.  A pleasant euphoria comes with use and a relatively higher CBD level is good for various ailments.

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1 review for BLUEBERRY OG

  1. Mathew MacKillop (verified owner)

    The smell on this is a really nice sweet herbal, and it comes out in the taste. Nothing super exotic, but a nice sweet weediness without much skunk or gas.

    Nugs are medium-ish, dense and just a little dry on the outside, nice and squishy soft on the inside. They look almost as if they’ve been sitting in an environment full of strange yellowish dust, but that’s just the ridiculous amount of trichs on there.

    22% THC plus 3% CBD looks to be true numbers, if how hard it’s hitting is any indication. I think this is going to be my new sleep-mode stuff until KC runs out! Surprising creeper, too. You might wonder while you’re vaping or smoking if it’s all that strong, but wait 15 minutes.

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