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An ultra rarity, Cactus is one of the most desired designer strains available today. 2012 high times Cannabis cup winner this Afghani / Northern Lights cross is a stunner aesthetically. Deep pockets of crystal cover this bud head to toe. Wreaking havoc to ones sensory this is one of Kootenay’s most potent strains. A lemon grainy scent oozes out of this fine bud and has terpenes in its own class only known to this mighty flower.

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40 reviews for Cactus Breath

  1. Michael  (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff. Smell are strong and very potent. Look the same as the pitcure. On my top 5 strain for sure.. Will order more! Hope to see MeatBreath too

  2. xsinx (verified owner)

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is a special must-try strain!

    It has a pretty smooth nose, not very strong but nice, hard to describe. Even once grounded, it doesn’t have a very strong smell either. It has a very particular appearance grounded, a mix of darker greens that are almost brown and very light greens that remind of light tan sands, lots of tricomes. Never seen anything that looked quite like that.

    The smoke is extremely smooth and has a nice little subtle taste, a bit fruity/citrucy with a tiny hint of spice. Very pleasant to smoke.

    Last but not least, the buzz on this is out of this world. It hit me fast and strong as I was smoking it and lasted a solid 3 hours. The buzz is very warm and physical, unlike any other weed I’ve smoked, it’s really something else. Not too much couch lock, not too sleepy even on the come down. Very very nice weed!

  3. David  (verified owner)

    Some the nicest, tastiest, cleanest bud I’ve come across in a long time. Caked in Crystal. Can’t go wrong with this strain.

  4. Jeff

    Finally made an order for this after hearing so many good reviews and I’m not disappointed at all. Definitely a must try for anyone looking for high quality flower.

  5. Keith

    Wow! Contender for my new favourite strain. Amazing high for someone with a very high tolerance. Hard to compare to anything.

    Really hope to see more of ThugPug’s lines!

  6. Gipguq

    Wow… just wow. I’ll even spell that backwards wow. Taste like hash and has the best of both worlds in each sticky bud. You can tell these guys give you the very best of the plant. If your supplier is not giving you buds with tips on them walk away… As someone who knows far too much about growing for my own good, that is the very positive sign your MOM is giving you the best its got every time. Also, this strain saves you on chapstick. Enjoy!

  7. Simon Prins

    In my 1/4 two 2.5g nugs that look insanely sexy, very similar to the pictures they provide. This is high end weed and some of the best I’ve smoked for it’s price. Ive had CE forum cut, Hierba black tuna, the dank boyz Veracruz. And this is def more potent. The only thing that could be better is a nice cigar grey ash, it’s more salt n pepper. But I do not feel it’s been rushed, or treated harshly. The nugs were very well trimmed and packed in the jars with care. Anyways I’m rambling cause I just smoked the cactus. So take care guys 4.5 star. 20 years of smoking the cheeba cheeba I wouldn’t steer you wrong 😉

  8. Peter Kicinski

    This is good stuff! Hits hard, smokes nice and smooth. Smells great and tastes delicious!

    This is a must buy but be careful with this one.

  9. RG3

    Was a very pleasant stone. It hits fast and is potent. It has both Sativa and Indica effects although I feel the sativa effects are short lived. You get a burst of energy and feel happy\uplifted for about 30 minutes. After that it’s a mild couch lock and a very pleasant body stone that will melt all your worries. You just feel happy and totally relaxed. Take too much and it it be lights out for you. Will definitely reorder and hope to always have some on hand.

  10. Sharleen Foster

    When you first get it and open the container this strains pungent unique smell hit you and as you look into your container the beautiful dark color contrast hits your eyes with a wow. This bud is absolutely caked in Crystal even every little leaf on it. It’s smokes incredibly smooth and hits you pretty good. Love this strain if you have a chance try it.

  11. Gipguq

    Awesome strain has a great hash taste to it and the joints get pretty thick with resin near the middle of a joint. Cactus Breath has just the right mix of both Sativa and Indica. Can smoke a pinner to get through the afternoon of smoke a gager at the end of the day to relax perfectly. Made 2 orders of it so far just hope it is still there next payday.

  12. Artisticlea

    I took a sample of this bud to a trailer park that has some friends of mine that are hardcore party people to get an unofficial independent appraisal. None of us had been either drinking or smoking prior to testing this stuff out. We shared one moderate sized joint among four of us and we were flying on a mostly head high that lasted a good 3 hours. It was amazing how good we felt after smoking so little. My one friend said that he would have to smoke 2 joints himself of his usual weed to get feeling that good. Another fellow said that it was the best weed he had ever smoked. On top of that, it was very smooth on the lungs. Be aware that it is very sativa dominant, so if you are an indica fan you may not be as well pleased.

  13. SEAN 

    I’ve ordered from probably 8 different MOM’s over the course of two years and I must say: Cactus Breath is one of the most potent consistent strains I’ve had in all my years of smoking. Quality of trim, trichomes, nose, body all a solid 9/10. I’ve had more flavored buds and larger buds but as far as quality of high goes this is definitely a high end quad. I have yet to try any other strains on this website but will definitely refer back to this review when I do review other products. Would recommend, this is the quad you are looking for.

  14. Jord

    I do not really submit reviews unless I am genuinely impressed or disappointed but I have to say this Cactus Breath is some of the craziest stuff I have ever tried in my 10 years of smoking, I could not be more impressed. I am definitely buying more next order.

  15. Richard H

    Newb review!

    Just started smoking/vaping, have tried about 20 different strains. This by far is the smoothest i have had!! The taste is incredible (found it to taste like fresh peaches), the high is intense and a little goes a LONG way for myself, as compared to other strains i have tried… just buy it, you will not regret it!!

    Also, ordered on a monday and received on tues- in Ontario- fast shipping, awesome customer service, mind blowing strain- cant be beat!!

  16. brennan douglas

    Caked in crystals, GREAT gassy smell and I’m all sorts of stuffed up. Body high is a reaaaal buzz. gets me pumped.

  17. Malcolm Walsh (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! Wish I got more.

  18. Boyd Huvos (verified owner)

    Guys I can’t see the bud for all the crystal on this bad boy. One word for this one:. WoW

  19. Ryan Nixon (verified owner)

    even if you only like strong indicas you will like this. very exotic

  20. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Beautiful Bud with a strong high. Smokes so smooth and tastes so good.

  21. James (verified owner)

    Wow! This bud is amazing. Really impressed with this one. The high is just perfect. Highly recommend!!

  22. ErkTheJrk (verified owner)

    The one strain I keep coming back to. It will be a staple in my rotation as long as I can get my hands on it. By far the best strain I’ve been lucky enough to try.

  23. Rory (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this. Hits all the markers: smell, taste and buzz are on point. Will buy again.

  24. Adnan Alali (verified owner)

    Absolute fire, definition of a quad. Strong grape and lemon fuel smell, incredible high; the perfect hybrid.

  25. Tom To (verified owner)

    When I first opened the jar the smell was very faint, buds were compact but kind of spongy but at the perfect humidity. My quarter weighed out to 7.01g it took scrapping all the little shake out of the jar just to make it to 7g’s. Rolled my first joint about 1.5 hours ago and still feel the buzz. For the first 30 minutes it was a rush of euphoric high, then it mutated into a full body and mind high. All in all I’m very satisfied with this strain and have 3 more to try.

  26. Christophe Lachance (verified owner)

    Some of the craziest looking bud I have seen in person, it is quite impressive to behold. The throat feel is very interesting as well, I dont quite know how to describe it but it’s very unique and pleasant. Beautifully balanced high, this one is a must try for people with a taste for the exotic.

  27. Stephan Jay (verified owner)

    #1 strain on this site and the top 5 best strain ive ever had

  28. Tom (verified owner)

    This batch is much fresher and sticky. I got a quarter last month to try and it was good but it was dry. This batch is sticky and nice.

  29. Norbert (verified owner)

    I’ll start by saying to get 5 stars it would have to be perfect and this is not.
    Very leafy. I mean very leafy.
    Which in turn leads to dark grey/black ash.
    Taste isnt anything special.
    It looks very good and is caked in trichs but again the leaf takes away from all that for me.
    Didnt live up to the hype..

  30. Tyler Schaffler (verified owner)

    Incredible bud with pure pinene terps. I had some family members smell this stuff and describe it as a Christmas tree smell. Not once have they liked the smell of a bud before. The smoke is smooth and has a bit of a spicy undertone to it. The high hits you fast but in the most pleasant way. It feels like walking around as a kid when a cool breeze blows by on a warm summer day. Not a care in the world and just pure bliss. This is my favorite strain I have ever tried. Caked in crystals and provides an incredibly pleasant and potent high.

  31. sean slattery (verified owner)

    very unique smell and taste i loved it and my order was here in 2 days packaged very well. great job KC i’m impressed.

  32. Ken James (verified owner)

    Disappointed. I got fooled by all these reviews and ordered. I was expecting a very smooth 1 hitter quitter according to others but what I got was 2 jars of tiny buds that smoked harsh. It was full of crystal and smelled nice …but that’s it. The fact that the oz came with 4 Bovedas might speak to how dry and harsh this bud really is? Claims 26%+ THC on label lol, 20% THC maybe. Bottom line, if you’re a daily smoker like myself, don’t believe the hype…this bud is nothing special or mystical, it’s AAA at best. I regularly smoke harder hitters for $160 an oz. Definitely not Quad quality here for $260. If you’re a new smoker…this might be perfect.

  33. Dennis Shackleton (verified owner)

    Not much to be said here, but if you need more than 32 good opinions here you go.

    My buds had some dark colors to them, just highlights, almost looked dark blue. Other than that they were spot on to the photos. This strain is super smelly and VERY potent. I can see why it is so expensive and also that it is easily worth every penny. If you want to treat yourself pick this stuff up.

  34. Sebastian Giller (verified owner)

    Top 5 strain for me. Super smooth smoke, heady high, great bag appeal and a terp profile that reminds me of Lemon Lime Soap. It’s special.

  35. Tim Mason (verified owner)

    Lives up to the hype. Very nice smoke. Looks amazing…smells super amazing…taste is PF awesome too. I’d buy again.

  36. The_Cob (verified owner)

    Thus stuff is amazing – It made this high tolerance smoker feel like I was in high school again. Incredible terp profile, even through a bong. KC, please keep this in stock as much as possible.

  37. Jeff Leigh (verified owner)

    ALIEN WEED!!!! Probably one of the most uniquely coloured strains in the planet, light and dark green, purple/black, amber and covered in frost. Takes you to Terp town with its varied profile.

  38. Astro (verified owner)

    First purchase from KC and am absolutely not disappointed. Pressed ten grams of flower into rosin with a 2.4 g return. Flower dumped beautiful platinum blonde crumble that smelled like candied garlic and skunky dank. Tasted like a slightly garlic vanilla cake. Absolutely mouth watering, and insanely. Flower got me real zooted after a j.

  39. Natasha (verified owner)

    Top notch Strain.
    Best smoke I’ve had in years
    5 stars+

  40. Nicholas

    It can be a little hit and miss depending on the batch you receive but it’s definitely some of the best bud available from KC.

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