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A MASH of Cherry Pie and and Black Lime reserve. This ultra rare and exclusive strain exhibits traits otherwise unexpected of two fruit based parents. What is created is a shocking terpene profile never before seen. Think skunk, but not your average skunk. When we say skunk we mean mother natures nasty critter unloading a full tank of spray on its unfortunate victims that have experienced this forgetful misfortune. Its raw, rough with a almost unbearably skunk aroma from the real deal. Rest assured if users can stick out the initial punch of mother natures natures wrath of an defensive spray, the profile quickly levels down to unbelievably powerful smell of a cherry lime cocktail. Think Cherry lime mojito. Along with this outrageous unique terpene profile the combusted flavour is inducing and seductive. Cheery Limeade procures a feeling of a immensely satisfying hybrid high that offers the best of both world buzz that hits receptors evenly for a surprising balanced high. An ultra rarity, this ranks as one of KCS most exclusive buds regarding smell, taste and appearance. An addictive and intriguing flower offering attributes that few buds in this world can match

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Weight 28 g
CBD Content


Indica Percent



, ,

Sativa Percent


THC Content

22% +

3 reviews for CHERRY LIMEADE

  1. pete ol cunnigan (verified owner)

    This one is special. A must-have for people who vape, the taste is INCREDIBLE. Think green skittles. Very potent, wonderfully colorful. Don’t hesitate to pick up this one.

  2. doug ribble (verified owner)

    Wow -e-wow! Taste and buzz here. the smell and taste for sure what it descibes

  3. David (verified owner)

    Nice hint of tangie when smoked . Beautiful dense nugs mostly large . Great high be back for more . Price on the high end maybe a bit too much

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