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Delato is an indica dominant hybrid crossing of Do-Si-Dos with Gelato.  Varying phenotypes of Gelato have been crossed in the past to create similar strains such as Black Delato and Dolato, which should not be confused with this strain.  Delato appears as dense elongated forest green buds with pale orange hairs absolutely covered in fuzzy trichomes giving it an overall paler appearance.  The smell of Delato is quite sweet and has a pungent fruit gas-like finish.  Usage of Delato brings forth a fruity overall flavour with a mix of earth.  The high is super relaxing and permeates through the entire body while the mind floats away on waves of relaxation.

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3 reviews for DELATO

  1. Jason Grove (verified owner)

    Not bad not really my cup of tea but deffinately nice looking lil more pepper than salt in the burn and fast shipping..

  2. Gonzo (verified owner)

    Looks beautiful but not really for me either..
    Some darker ashes, not so much that the joint goes out though. I have tried 11 different strains from kc over the last three months. This was my least favourite. Still warrants 4 stars.

  3. Dave Lee (verified owner)

    Again, like the W Cake, buds look great but lacks flavor/terps, almost like it was 3D printed (jk).

    I do quite like the size of the buds, it’s a clean smoke too – but for me personally, this not top shelf in terms of flavor, just look.

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