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Dharma Diesel buds are richly coated with fine and sparkly trichome crystallization. Hard, tightly trimmed nugs.  A tangy, skunky smell emerges when snapped.  Smokes with a slight citrus flavour with strong notes of diesel.

Dharma Diesel is a hybrid based off of Soul Diesel with Sativa dominant characteristics. This strain offers a clear-headed and cerebral high, with a full body buzz.  As with many diesel strains, the Sour starts off strong and rushing, you will experience the energy and uplifting effects of its Sativa parentage. Creativity and optimism is the pervading mental attitude.  Indica creeps in relaxing the muscles and mind, allowing your world to be enveloped in happy and tranquil cloud. Awareness of physical sensation becomes more heightened. High percentage of  THC cannabinoids have the potential to engage nerve centres neutralizing pain.

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Unkown Sour Diesel Hybrid

13 reviews for DHARMA DIESEL

  1. Ganja Student

    Wow, serious diesel if i have ever seen one. Stinks so bad, and smooth as heck. The high takes me too another dimension. Has very pungent NY diesel ish smell love it

  2. Frank Rizzo (verified owner)

    This is one of the best strains… the best strain I have tried since I stopped ordering with broken coast. If you’ve tried broken coast then you know… that easily makes this a AAAA+ product. Body buzz is amazing and long lasting. Smokes clean, smooth, delicious.

  3. Tweedy (verified owner)

    This diesel is a pleasure to smoke. Also found it great tasting/smooth in a vaporizer. Very clear headed high, amazing mood enhancer, good in social environments and any time of day. Definitely a AAAA sativa strain. My favourite at the moment.

  4. Tealtop (verified owner)

    Great diesel high, rock hard nugs that are super crystally when busted open.

  5. Guy Faucher

    Well, again,

    Very nice big bud of a well cured diesel (reeks like a old diesel truck with a hint of lemon) potent tasty uplifting high…very happy with all my purchases here, will definitely be coming back.

  6. Jeremy (verified owner)

    I’ve tried 14 different strains from KC. This was with my first order and is still my favorite.

  7. Smokinkronic

    Probably one of the best strains I’ve ever had. The pictures don’t do it justice, there’s so much purple and crystal on the buds.

  8. Kate (verified owner)

    WOW is all I can say. This is some amazing bud. Smells exactly like grape crush soda to me. Super sticky buds in my half o. Overall a really nice, enjoyable sativa. especially at that price!

  9. COLE PIERRON (verified owner)

    1 of the 3 i tried in my first order, wow this stuff stinks!
    a true diesel. super strong too, hits you in the face/sinuses like a dab would. crazy!

  10. Dennis Shackleton (verified owner)

    This was done really well. I ordered some Glue Berry and Violator a while back and I really didn’t like them, they were really harsh and had a really earthy smell. This stuff however, was mazing. The buds were perfectly cured – They were dry to the touch but still squishy when pinched, which takes the harshness out but preserves taste. The price is very good especially if you are buying quarters and mixing and matching.

  11. Nicholas (verified owner)

    I really expected more from this strain. I’m currently smoking my way through a 1/2 oz. and to be completely honest I don’t find it very potent. It has an extremely strong diesel smell, if you like that sort of thing. I wouldn’t rush to buy this strain again.

  12. Dominic Laforge (verified owner)

    Nice buds, good high

  13. kyle peet (verified owner)

    Super dense nugs covered in crystal. Was super happy with my order. Not a huge fan of dense buds as my buster tends to be resilient to it, but a very nice grow!

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