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Donny Burger is a strain crossed from the parents GMO and Han Solo Burger.  This indica dominant strain has chunky and conical buds with a myriad of various colorations that include greens, dark greens and purples accented with reddish orange pistils all coated in an abundance of golden crystals.  The odour is quite powerful and is a blend of gassiness with a hint of citrus that appears when you inhale as well.  The creepy high lulls you into a sense of ease before it crescendos into a potent euphoric punch with a nice relaxation effect that may have you raiding the fridge in due time.

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3 reviews for DONNY BURGER

  1. EM (verified owner)

    This bud is just incredible. I could smell it first thing when I opened the package. I’m not going to wax poetic on the terps, but holy smokes. What you read about the strain is true. This is some next level flower.
    Definitely the most exotic, dank, beautiful, gassy, tasty, potent bud I’ve EVER tried. It tasted like a goddamn fuel burger and knocked me on my ass; I was seeing squares ya’ll.
    Yet, I managed to continue conversation with my wife and make a mean noodle bowl. High as all hell yet functional.
    I’m so stoked that I got to try these incredible genetics and at a reasonable price. Thank you KC! <3

  2. Oluwagbemiga Boyede (verified owner)

    Every friend I know has people begging for this bud! Definitely something I would love to see Kootenay continue to bring to the table! Taste is consistent with every single nug. Small or big Donny Burger is really some of the best stuff I’ve ever seen.
    Love this stuff really puts off the stress, anxiety and is something I truly look forward to smelling and smoking.
    Thanks Kootenay all the Donny Burger I’ve ever received has been fantastic

  3. shaine mcknight (verified owner)

    good smoke

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