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Gas Daddy is an indica heavy hybrid crossed from Katsu Kasai and Granddaddy Purple.  The buds are large and bulbous with tinges of purple amongst a sea of green, accented with fiery pistils and a healthy coating of golden trichomes. 

The smell of Gas Daddy is quite pungent with an even mix of tangy fruitiness and a straight gassy odour.  Gas Daddy, when used, has a subtle fruity and gassy start with an added dimension of nuttiness all followed with a spicy end that may be felt in the sinuses. 

The high is not overly mentally stimulating making Gas Daddy a perfect choice for pure relaxation and winding down a stressful day.

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  1. Artisticlea (verified owner)

    The KC description is quite accurate in that there was almost all body stone with little stimulation. In other words, it was great to couchlock yourself in front of a movie and still follow a plotline. The buds were large, covered with trichomes, smelled and vaped nice. The reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is that I felt that, with the genetics involved, there should have been a bit more potency. I don’t think my tolerance level is all that high either because I only usually vape about 1/3 of a gram, once each evening. It was still a good buy in any case.

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