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Lemon Skunk was strain formulated from two Skunk phenotypes that displayed a larger amount of tangy lemon terpenes.  The flowers of Lemon Skunk are dense and conical in shape.  The colors are a mix of evergreen and light green with reddish orange pistils embedded with shiny trichomes.  The smell of Lemon Skunk is a refreshingly clean and tart citrus smell that masks a very faint skunk odour.  The tastes of lemon, woodiness and pine are evident with use and one may notice a lingering effect in the nose.  The onset of the high, from Lemon Skunk, is a potent mental stimulation that may lead to redness of the eyes over time.

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1 review for LEMON SKUNK

  1. Artisticlea (verified owner)

    This strain was quite potent and had a pleasant taste when vaped. At this price point, I would definitely recommend it. I only gave it 4 stars because I felt it did not have as good of a trim job as I’ve come to expect from KC. Some of the buds were noticeably covered in small leaves. If it hadn’t had the good potency, then I probably would have only given it 3 stars.

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