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Living Soil cannabis production is the Kootenay regions latest organic cutting-edge technique to grow supreme craft product. Live soils contain all the organic nutrients, beneficial bacterias, and friendly fungus required to feed a robust plant from seed to harvest. The result is much denser root development and terpenes that are off the charts. True genetic potential is unlocked from this beautiful yet simplistic approach. This is craft cannabis at its finest.

One of the rarest and finest chocolate strains on the market , Chocolate Japan has terps in its own league. Think roasted dark coffee / chocolate with a splash of the finest orange liqueur. The smell is powerful and sharp. The high is clear minded yet can be overwhelming. This sativa dominant strain is perfect for those who prefer mass cerebral highs over physical couch locks. Its bushy buds exhibit excellent colour contrast with bright orange hairs and a lime green backdrop.

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  1. Ben Harrisston (verified owner)

    Taste wasn’t as dramatic as described but the high tore me apart. Definitely not for beginners. Excellent quality.

  2. Tom To (verified owner)

    Holy shit, ordered sunday mailed out monday and received today tuesday!. All the way to ontario. Very crystally covered fluffy sativa buds, with a very citrus nose. Holds its shape when rolling a joint, very smooth and greyish white ashes. I’m trying to find the chocolate taste but I can’t seem to taste it? Very good potency with an intense cerebral high.

  3. Peter (verified owner)

    Omg this strain is absolute 🔥🔥

    intense cerebral high is an understatement. This is super potent!

  4. Roy (verified owner)

    A great sativa very glad I picked up more than a quart , very smooth even in the bong !!!

  5. Lynda (verified owner)

    One of the best Sativa for anxiety. Smooth and soothing, not jumpy like most of them.

  6. VK Somas (verified owner)

    Amazing bud. 15+ year smoker here and sativas usually don’t do it for me. But this chocolate japan is on another level. A small bowl had me rocking. On top of that, I ordered most around noon and package was delivered the next day. AAAA+ guaranteed!!

  7. Tim Mason (verified owner)

    WOW….The most amazing smell. You almost want to eat it. Busted some up…aroma just got better. Smoked a J …. blew my mind…

  8. Simon (verified owner)

    Didn’t burn the best for me. That was the only bummer. Very caked nugs, dense and big haha. Would order again for sure.

  9. Richard Blais (verified owner)

    I can easily say this is in the Top 3 at KC. Heady but not banded and great for activities outdoors. Further curing makes for special vape sessions, not for new Sativa users.

  10. James Rogers (verified owner)

    Wow. Heady is an understatement. Usually that real cerebral buzz floors me but this shit was on another level. A plus plus plus plus quality sativa. Reasonably aggressive, it never took over the [great] vibes.

  11. oldcoot

    beautiful and unique. i love a super strong sativa and this one does what the description said. hugely positive in terms of work-at-home productivity, with glorious euphorias, and some real lift-off moments. high focus, bedazzling stoniness. one of the best i’ve ever smoked, looking forward to getting it again.

  12. sean slattery (verified owner)

    not usually a fan of sativa’s but i really enjoyed this chocolate japan nicely done KC.

  13. Andrei Negru (verified owner)

    The size of the container was perfect, holding the buds snug so they would not rattle around and bang on the jar walls during transport. Sticky, glistening buds. Some of them were so sticky they would cling to my fingers just by lightly touching them. The majority had their trichomes perfectly preserved even on the surface, and when breaking them up they revealed a heavenly kingdom of shiny translucent heads. The smell upon first impression is pungent and herbal, a bit citrusy, but if you break down the buds they realease an amazing cookie smell. Very complex terpene profile.
    On a rosin press, this baby yielded a monstrous 24% return of funky, citrusy creamy delight, with a very nice translucent light yellow color.
    Smoked in a joint, the flowers had a herbal, woody taste with a light citrus hint. The smoke was just smooth enough, but could not take big tokes. The rosin however is extremely smooth and has a very complex taste : citrus and cookie with a skunky after-taste. Each dab is a delight. The cerebral effect is powerful but not overwhelming for experienced users, boosting creativity and mental clarity while the body feels very relaxed, and munchies hit you quickly without mercy.
    Awesome exotic strain with a unique bouquet and very well grown flowers ! Thank you team Kootenay, real craft quality can be seen in your attention to detail !

  14. Jeff Leigh (verified owner)

    Holy cow!! Just unreal high. Beautiful buds and it’s been almost an hour and it’s still raging. Haven’t been this blasted in awhile. Great job and hats off to the growers. Potent af.

  15. Aaron (verified owner)

    Agreed with the people above very strong sativa killer nose on it

  16. Nicholas

    Perfectly cured and the cerebral high is outstanding, one of my favourite strains from KC.

  17. Aaron Cranston (verified owner)

    This is some amazing bud! Very strong sativa with euphoric effects. This strain is a great for daytime, but completely knocks me out if I smoke too much.

    My new favorite.

  18. Old Coot (verified owner)

    beautiful buds, deep chocolate coloring in the green, chocolatey flavor, super smooth smoke and stone; strong sativa but so mellow and focused; the smell taste and everything about it smacks of chocolate elegance; not a basic weed, rather somewhat exotic and definitely top of the line. a top favorite.

  19. kyle peet (verified owner)

    KC’s Living soil collection is always out of this world. So dont take anything I’m about to say as a complaint.

    I ordered this in Hope’s of it looking like the picture, and meeting everyone’s description.

    Although the buds looks nice, they are very dark. It smells like a container of straight soil and earth worms. I myself get absolutely no chocolate taste or scent.

    I do not PERSONALLY enjoy how earthy it tastes or smells. But love the appearance.

    My friend loved it, and tasted a small hint of chocolate upon exhale. So it must just not be for me and I’m all about honest reviews.

    Try this stuff. It’s very beautifully grown and could hit your palette and nose differently than mine. Either way, it’s amazing stuff and gave me a very energetic head high.

  20. Clealand (verified owner)

    This strain disappointed me due to the bouts of coughing it induced among myself and several of my friends when smoking a joint, which was the only practical way to share during a party environment. It was OK when vaping but not otherwise. I like a lot of variety but preferred Chocolope over this strain and I would not purchase it again. Everyone has their own preferences and normally I would not even add a review for a strain that fell short of my hopes but there were 4 of us who all felt the same way about this one, despite the otherwise glowing reviews.

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