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Living Soil cannabis production is the Kootenay regions latest organic cutting-edge technique to grow supreme craft product. Live soils contain all the organic nutrients, beneficial bacteria, and friendly fungus required to feed a robust plant from seed to harvest. The result is much denser root development and terpenes that are off the charts. True genetic potential is unlocked from this beautiful yet simplistic approach. This is craft cannabis at its finest.

An uncommon indica heavy strain created from the crossing of Mendo Breath and Purple Punch, LSO Punch Breath has a very delicious terpene profile that may be best described as a medley of tropical fruits.  A phenotypic variation of our original Punch Breath, this LSO version is forest green in coloration with bright orange pistils with a lovely layering of crystals.  Combustion brings forth a very pronounced fruity smell that has a tendency to linger complemented with a heavy hitting relaxation effect.  

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1 review for LSO PUNCH BREATH

  1. Alex Byrne (verified owner)

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is a truly magnificent grow.
    The density! I could fit a full ounce into my half ounce jar.
    The aroma! You can get lost it’s intoxicating smell of grapes and fruit punch Kool-aid mixed with dank.
    Flavour country! This is the tastiest smoke I’ve had in recent memory. You can really taste the grape and Kool-aid, it’s really enjoyable.
    Sedation station! Indica at its finest, super heavy and relaxing.
    Great job!

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