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Meat Breath is perfectly balanced exotic hybrid created by crossing Meatloaf with Mendo Breath.  Visually, Meat Breath has tight dense buds with prominent bright orange hairs, evergreen colors interlaced with brighter greens and a heavy layer of yellowish trichomes.  The smell of the Meat Breath is a unique tangy and sour smell mixed with hints of citrus diesel.  Combustion or vaporization unleashes a one of a kind taste of sour gassiness mixed with earth, vanilla and spices.  The high is an even distribution of an uplifting mental sensation with a flood of relaxation over the body.

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10 reviews for MEAT BREATH

  1. Tom Bauer (verified owner)

    wonderful in every way

  2. dylan boone (verified owner)

    Such a unique strain definitely recommend if you haven’t tried it yet

  3. Artisticlea (verified owner)

    My first thought when I opened the jar was “this is really going to smell up the house”. I made sure to grind it in my workshop with a window open and then had my first vape of it. Surprisingly, it was very pleasant to vape with a unique taste that is difficult to describe. In any case I totally stopped thinking any negative thoughts because this is truly a premium strain to try. Experiences may vary for others, but for me it was a little more of a sativa leaning headstone which I thoroughly enjoyed. Strains like 9 Lb. Hammer may hit the body a little harder initially but I liked this one for the strong long lasting head buzz along with some moderate body buzz. I used to be mainly an indica fan, but now I just like variety and have grown to appreciate sativa leaning hybrids as well. I have heard of this strain before but this has been my first opportunity to try it. TYVM K.C. team!

  4. redwing22 (verified owner)

    A work of art. Such a nice stinky flower.

  5. Scott Ellis (verified owner)

    Unique. Maybe not in my favourites list, but I really enjoyed it and recommend anyone on the fence to give it a try.

  6. Seb Capel (verified owner)

    Fantastic flower. The January batch I received is perfectly cured. Flavour and terpene profile are bursting with this one. A must try.

  7. HappyCamper (verified owner)

    Flavour bomb nose punch
    Love it…burns amazing the curing is perfect with all KC weeds. Love this place!!!!!

  8. James (verified owner)

    This round of Meatbreath is on point. Decent sized, dense, and sticky nuggets of sweet gassy goodness. I rolled a small joint, and by the time it was halfway gone, I was blasted. I finished the joint over the next 10 minutes as the thing just kept burning. I don’t remember much over the next couple hours, but I’m pretty sure i had fun lol

  9. COLE PIERRON (verified owner)

    really impressed by the strength and terps on this round . tastes meaty with sweetness , like turkey with cranberry sauce.
    awesome !

  10. Daryl Gilmer (verified owner)

    Wow what nice clean buzz,and the meaty smell is something else!
    Smoke myself into oblivion with this strain

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