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A mysterious Green Ribbon and GSC cross this mighty flower clocks in at a whopping 29% thc level. Predictably potent this strain may also surprise users with its never before smelt terpene profile. Think after 8 mint chocolate candy odour, delicate and fresh. Don’t let this modest yet beautiful smell fool you, when breaking this supreme bud open, its terps come alive. Whats left is a trail of devastation from its second to none potency along with a amazingly minty taste. A serious hybrid stoners remedy.

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  1. Richard Blais (verified owner)

    Ok then…be warned, once you try this you may find it tough to smoke your normal “buds” I ordered 2 Z’s and after one J am in hoarding mode. Wish I ordered more. Reminds me of Chocolate Japan but much more refined, stronger and balanced. Ash is white and burns smooth and tasty! Well done KC! Great source.

  2. Roy Varin (verified owner)

    If you want to get crazy high this is the bud for you it’s just as strong as KC sais it is talk about pirate eyes. It’s strong but yet fairly smooth and hits like a ton of bricks . Love this bud .I am not surprised it is already sold out , but I will be looking for this bud in the future !!

  3. Tausif Akbar (verified owner)

    I used to read nd hear this “balanced hybrid” word alot ….this strain is the proper definition of balanced hybrid….long lastin uplift beat in head nd great smooth body buzz with clear head and no paranoi or anxiety no burn outs wtsoever …no doubt it go out of stock that Quick….the only bad thing about this strain is tht i only got an oz looking forward to get this strain back quick times 🙂
    KC Rocks

  4. Tom (verified owner)

    Like other reviews this is very potent flower, very balanced hybrid. It has the same aroma as living soil blue king and loving soil black mamba. Unfortunately the ashes doesn’t burn white, more like salt and pepper and the cherry goes out from time to time. I’m thinking maybe too much nitrogen late into flower? This is the second strain I got from KC that didn’t burn white, the other was cactus breath.

  5. Tom (verified owner)

    Forgot to mention, paid for order on Sunday, shipped out Monday and received Tuesday. This is why I keep coming back. The main reason why I left other moms that only guarantee 72 hour ship.

  6. Kenny Spenny (verified owner)

    This is just incredibly potent weed. It tastes great and smokes smoothly. Like others say it is a perfectly balanced, intense and long lasting high.

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