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Ninja Fruit is a supremely good looking bud from the cross of Grape Ape and Grapefruit Haze. This strain offers supreme terps and flavour, with grapes and tropical botanicals leading the way of smell. Extremely smooth with earthy sweet flavours when combusted. Not an all out Sativa as the haze parent would suggest, Ninja Fruit offers a soothing head high along with some muscle relaxation. This gorgeous flower has become one of KC’s most aesthetically pleasing buds with a Terpene profile to match. Great day time strain!

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4 reviews for NINJA FRUIT

  1. Nicholas Roy (verified owner)

    This strain is amazing. The buds are really nice. Full of trichome. After vape, the buzz is really nice. Concentrate, no anxiety, no stress, creative. The flavor remind me the fruit punch juice I drank when I was young. Great quality

  2. Chris Fonseca (verified owner)

    A great looker, caked and multi coloured. Smokes not as great as it looks though..

  3. Jacob Solomon (verified owner)

    Beautiful weed absolutely gorgeous, I’ll probably keep it mostly to show off ahah but the high is awesome too!

  4. Scott Ellis (verified owner)

    This is a nice strain. Definitely unique, with lovely shades of pink. A little bit too dry for my liking, but after some fresh boveda packs it’s plumped up a bit. For sure a 50/50 – very mellow and well rounded, just kind of cuts any stress away. I wouldn’t say it’s extremely potent, so maybe look for something else if you want to get knocked out, but it’s great for unwinding after a long day when don’t want to get sleepy or burn out too early. It may be a bit overpriced, but honestly, when the hell else are you going to get to smoke something called “Ninja Fruit”.

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