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Pineapple Voodoo

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A rare master piece breed of Voodoo and Pineapple this strain exhibits unique flavour and terp profiles are like none other. Oozing with skunk and pineapple after tones this bud is truly irresistible. Beautiful chunky buds have light and dark green colours mixed with a touch of purple. Sticky as hell resin lies inside these premium buds and when grinded down for consumption the incredible potency of the smell becomes even more apparent. Not for the faint hearted this sativa dominant strain delivers blows like Mike Tyson

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Weight 28 g
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6 reviews for Pineapple Voodoo

  1. Ty Maxwell (verified owner)

    This was amazing is all I can say hopefully this makes it back definitely top 5 i’ve had from Kootenay

  2. Ceno (verified owner)

    Easily one of, if not, the best strain I’ve ever smoked. Incredibly euphoric and smells/tastes wonderful. The perfect sativa high. I’m sad I only ordered a quarter.

  3. Roy (verified owner)

    I just had a bong hit of this DELICIOUS hard hitter and the more I smoke the more I love it. This strain I want to smoke all day just for it’s unique flavor, and of course for it’s awesome euphoric high , must try !

  4. Vk Somas (verified owner)

    Not surprised this is sold out now. Amazing weed, hands down. Im a daily smoker for the last 10 years and this stuff was amazing. Even with my tolerance, a half gram joint had me feeling nice. The quality of bud and one day shipping time to Toronto its going to keep me here.

  5. Richard Blais (verified owner)

    I have been fortunate to try a wide assortment of buds from KC. This strain is outstanding! If you get a chance to try this or better yet share it amongst your friends and watch them beg for a J. SUPER KIND!

  6. K (verified owner)

    Very sticky with nice Pineapple skunk nose. Really gums up your grinder. I tried rolling a joint with a raw roller but the result was so dense I couldn’t get any smoke out of it. Try rolling by hand and loosely if you want to smoke it in a joint. In a small bong it’s fantastic. Great tasting and smooth. Also very potent and producing a nice energizing sativa high. A little pricey but worth every penny.

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