Strawberry Jerry

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Sweet tasting and aromatic, with a blend of strawberries and diesel this unique sativa is both fruity and gassy. Very powerful mind high  this is one of KC’s most desired sativa’s. Uses for creativity, and uplifting or energizing your mood can expected.

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17 reviews for Strawberry Jerry

  1. Adam BEAULAC

    Wow the smell and taste are amazing!! So good I ordered again

  2. Abe

    What a tasty treat! SO much sweet Haze in this smoke. Wonderful sativa with a really delicious terpene profile.

    Thanks KC!

  3. Tim Campbell (verified owner)

    The smell that came from this jar was out of this world. One of the best smelling strains I’ve ever smelt. This stuff was so strong smelling I can still smell it in the jar and the jar has been empty for 2 weeks. This stuff is unreal in the nose department. It looks nice and the buds had nice size and tight. The high was real nice not the strongest strain i ordered but one of my favourites none the less. Great stuff at a nice price will order this strain again.

  4. David

    Love the flavour uplifted high , hope it is around for awhile.

  5. David (verified owner)

    Ordered this again along with a few new strains , love it ! But really the reason I keep ordering from kc is the ability to get a sale price and still mix your order without overpaying for the option . Also I have never had a problem the process is fast and I never had to communicate with them concerning my order . The orders have always been speedy never more than a few hours and my order is done . I order from Montreal and it is never longer than 3 days my last order passed in 2 hours and my order showed up after 48 hours during one of the busiest times of the year and during a promotion .so to u kc I will never leave you❤️

  6. Jeremy (verified owner)

    I recently ordered an ounce and some of the buds had mold inside.
    A real shame too because its certainly stellar weed 🙁

  7. David (verified owner)

    Dry mice but I did like the batch that was sold the first time better , it was more flavourful less harsh. My new favourite is chocolate Japan I really hope it comes back I would put some in all my orders

  8. Justin Pittman (verified owner)

    Have found my new favorite MOMM.
    All 5 strains I got in today were bomb!
    KC I love you guys, today was like Christmas when I received my package 😊

  9. Tom To (verified owner)

    What a wonderful nose, smuckers strawberry jam. The buds are very dense and sticky came very fresh. The burn is quite nice and the smoke is very smooth, I did notice the ashes were like salt n pepper. I do find this strain to be more potent over Mango Tango.

  10. Tyer Murray (verified owner)

    The smell and taste of this is amazing. Provides a very happy and clear headed high with a bit of an energy boost. I love this anytime of the day, but especially great as a daytime strain.

  11. Julien-Alexandre (verified owner)

    It smell like berrys seriously. Pepper taste on the exhale i find. But all of that doesnt mather at all its just unimportant. The real sweet thing with that strain is the buzz. I was overwhelmed with goodfeels such a good buzz would smoke all day everyday only this. Killer weed. Weighted in at 6.996g so legit quantity also. Oh and recieved in less then 48h(wott). Will definetly buy again.

  12. Tim Mason (verified owner)

    Ohhh the scent of this. So berry…berry …beautiful. I woke up at 5 AM and thought this would be a great wake and bake….it is super awesome.

  13. Tim Mason (verified owner)

    I liked this so much…I had to add my 5 stars to the rating for the second time….Strawberry Jerry…you so nice…you so fine…smoking your leaves.. can blow my mind. Enough said…cheers to the farmer

  14. Devaka (verified owner)

    This was a hard hitting strong strain and that would be great for nighttime use.

  15. Aaron Cranston (verified owner)

    Strawberry Jerry stands true to its name as the first thing I smelled when I opened the jar was a strong strawberry scent! And it tastes amazing as well, like a good sativa should. Very powerful sativa dominant strain. Has to be some of the stickiest buds I’ve ever touched. Great buy.

  16. doug ribble (verified owner)

    So good its turning me too the Sativa side ! This is the Bomb Sativa you are looking for !Taste , high , yumm 🙂

  17. Jeff Leigh (verified owner)

    If you like fruit forward berry flavoured goodness try this top notch Sativa dom. The high is as good as the flavour pouring off the huge dense buds. Very sticky was my batch. And sparkled with trichs. Great stuff.

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