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A rare cross of White Wookie and The White strains, Strawberry Shortcake is an indica dominant strain that may be confused at times with a sativa dominant strain of the same name.  The flowers are heavily crystallized and have purple hues with spots of green with dark orange pistils.  Breaking open or grinding the buds unleashes a smell of earthy strawberries.  The taste profile of Strawberry Shortcake has a nice hint of strawberry with an earthy exhale and a tart finish.  The resulting effects of use are an immediate sense of relaxation and a potent head that high builds over time and increases into a clouded state of euphoria that may cause couch-lock.

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  1. Blain Ford (verified owner)

    This stuff is absolutely caked!

  2. James Rathbone (verified owner)

    On recommendation of the KC staff, ordered this beauty.

    Had a anxiety ridden day- not enough productivity, day 9 of social isolation, capped off with a trip to the grocery store that seemed to especially filled with sick looking, dazed crowds.

    All of that was gone. It puts a smile on your face, but everything is still clear. It puts life in perspective.

    The weed itself is nice and moist. Earthy smell and taste.

    If everyone had this in their lives, there would be world peace.

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