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A wonderfully balance hybrid and a strain that won 3rd place in the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup.  Thin Mints is created from the marriage of Durban Poison and OG Kush.  These flowers have a terpene profile that can best be described as minty, sweet and gassy.  Combustion brings an all too familiar gassy and earthy kush profile.  The high from Thin Mints is potent and hits the head hard and fast and translates to a noticeable body buzz as well.


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4 reviews for THIN MINTS

  1. sean slattery (verified owner)

    Wonderful smoke will be ordering more thank’s KC.

  2. Kiesha (verified owner)

    It looked really good but I was super disappointed.. I love KC but for $80 for 7grams , I was expecting more potency and flavour/smell. Mine seemed to be very low potency. 🙁 looking forward to trying the other strains I purchased :).

  3. David Brideau (verified owner)

    Amazing flower, crazy colours; lime green, pink, deep purple. Nice undisturbed trichomes, shows it has not been handled alot from harvest to being packed.

    Nice medium + size nugs. Very very sticky. Has good smell, very fuely and pungent.

    I’m not sure why the review above gave 1 star for low potency, this is a greatly potent flower. I have a very high tolerance and this gave me the dab sweats and an intense cerebral and body high by the end. Not a knockout go to sleep, but still intense.

  4. Kyle

    Also not sure why someone gave a 1 star solely due to the potency. Click “additional info” and you’ll see the THC content. If you cant decipher what will get you baked or not from that, then that’s on you. Not KC.

    I was honored to try a sample of thin mints and the only reason it didnt get a full 5 stars was because I’ve seen much nicer @ $80/quarter.

    That being said. This is still an amazing smoke. Its unique and a must try. KC always delivers when it comes to their platinum strains. Do not let any bad reviews push you away from testing what they have got to offer.

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