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In addition to the standout taste and smell, this strain provides relaxing and anxiety aid while stimulating appetite. Kootenay Kraft watermelon buds have a superior taste and flower trim adding to functional and euphoric body high. This strain is a perfect for an energizing euphoric high with a mild to heavy sedation after-effect to wind down the day.
Sometimes referred to as “Watermelon Kush” this Indica heavy hybrid strain provides a Sativa like energizing and uplifting effects making a good medication for the daytime. The fruity aroma of this strain is unique with undertones of berry and grape add to trichome infused watermelon taste and smell.

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23 reviews for WATERMELON

  1. henry

    I’ve had watermelon before but this one trumps what I’ve tried. really pungent stuff smooth burn. my personal fav outta the top shelf

  2. Patrick Pare

    This is by far my favourite tasting flower I’ve had in 10+yrs
    I will be ordering a zip next time

  3. David 

    Nice dense buds love the taste , smell high is nice not too overwhealming for me just right. Service was excellent fast well packaged. Letting friends know . A lot out of stock it is understandable considering small batches . Will be one of my regular places.

  4. Brett Morrow

    I’ve ordered this three times now and its become one of my favourite strains. I never usually re-order the same strain from the same website but I can’t stop! Definitely recommend

  5. Jay Jay

    Excellent quality, smooth smoke and great flavor. Clean high and doesn’t make you sleepy.

  6. Tim Campbell (verified owner)

    Nice frosty buds great bag appeal and nice size. Smell and taste were both really nice. White ash when burned and no harshness. I would buy this strain again.

  7. Harris Stoneman (verified owner)

    Ordered 4 strains to test the product this was the best beating some of their platinum flower.

  8. EVANGELINE (verified owner)

    Lovely fruity smell and taste. Great buzz.. productive and can focus yet feel relaxed and positive. Nice hybrid.

  9. Gabriel (verified owner)

    1st time I bought this strain I was head over heels in love with the terpenes.

    The 2nd time, not so much. Tasted like soap.

    Still, if you’re chasing flavour – this is the best on the shelf, imo!

  10. Devaka (verified owner)

    what a great strain!

  11. COLE PIERRON (verified owner)

    smells like sugary watermelon, with a taste to match. flavor sticks around for a long time after the smoke.
    a new favorite of mine for sure.

  12. Dennis Shackleton (verified owner)

    My girlfriends favorite. Usually MOMs say they have strawberry this or mango that and it just tastes like ditch weed. Sometimes it is alright but it doesn’t smell or taste like it should. THIS stuff does. As soon as you open the container you can smell the watermelon. We use watermelon papers as well when we smoke joints with it. It has a lower THC percentage so for someone with low to moderate tolerance like my girlfriend it is great. Also great for mixing with other strains and one of the better strains from top shelf.

  13. Arnaud ORTAIS (verified owner)

    It was so good I ordered more just to be sure o:)
    Then, it was perfect.

    Its proof that high THC pourcentage is not the only thing to look at.

    –=> High five to Kootenay team !!!

  14. Brett Callan

    Received a small sample of this in my order. It almost smells fake it’s so watermelon-y. Smooth high, I recommend this one!

  15. sean slattery (verified owner)

    great tasting bud love it thanks KC.

  16. jordan (verified owner)

    Every single time I’ve ordered from kc I’ve gotten some watermelon, easily my favorite strain, nugs are always super dense and crazy looking. This and strawberry jerry are some of the nicest smelling flowers I have ever had. Always on point!

  17. Sebastian Giller (verified owner)

    Top notch bag appeal and a great set of terpenes. What’s not to like.

  18. andimobamagmail-com (verified owner)

    Some of the best flavour you’re going to get at any price. Only way you would get something better for cheaper is a popcorn ounce deal.

  19. dawson munoz (verified owner)

    This is my favourite strain I’ve tried to date from any mom the flavor is unreal if you can get it with the coupon at $150oz it just can’t be beat in terms of flavor / bag appeal

  20. redwing22 (verified owner)

    Always big perfectly groomed nugs. Open this jar in a room full of people and the smell instantly draws a crowd lol.

  21. Mike Pawlik

    Watermelon. Where can I even begin. For that, I’ll have to rewind a bit.

    When I began smoking weed at 17, I had seen nothing like this Watermelon (from the Q1 2020 batch). Since then, I am almost turning 33 and have never, ever, once before in my own personal life, have ever seen a bud like this Watermelon.

    MASSIVE buds, with fresh, absolutely stunning AAAA++ quality trim job, density, the little flowers were just so gorgeous, pointy in typical indica fashion with just the perfect amount of sponginess to boot. No dryness, no nothing other than pure trichome heaven from this monster of a strain.

    The thing with this here Watermelon is the price. I’ve ordered from other MoM’s, OCS, dispensaries, other people, growers and more, and I’ve never once seen this sort of quality for $60 a 1/4 or $192 per ounce.

    Do not delay and get this when it’s available. K.C. are the only “black market” sellers that give the top LPs (appointed licensed producers by Health Canada) a run for their money and mostly even surpass them.

    Let’s be honest here and let’s not f* around. I live in Ontario. I’ve ordered from OCS and you ain’t getting no buds like this here Watermelon when you order from the OCS or SQDC or any other provincially sanctioned “scheme”. By far and wide, this, their Purple Ayahuasca (correctly called Ayahuasca Purple), and my personal favourite KC strain: Oregon Golden Goat are the best buds ever seen in my life and only one of those strains was from their #1 Platinum selection. That goes to show a lot for such a wonderful company.

    Even though I am a medical cannabis patient, I am soooo looking forward to doing more business with Kootenay Craft. Not only can I get high (because who doesn’t…), I can ACTUALLY medicate for my ailments without opening a bag of Brick Weed almost in tears having expected something different. Not with KC!

    God job guys and thanks for being such a stand-up company!

    DO NOT FORGET to get their 4 x 7g for a 20% discount AND your $50 off your first order! TAKE ADVANTAGE peeps!

    Happy quarantine-ing.

  22. Mubashir D (verified owner)

    It has a nice weed smell and decent sized buds. I did find two seeds in a bud, but these things happen and it’s not a big deal. I’d much rather have them go for longer to get that CBN couchlock and deal with the odd seed 5 stars!

  23. Pascal Archambault (verified owner)

    Usually i think a high is a high but i just love the high of this one, really guud lolz

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