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A classic strain that is created from the White Widow lineage, White Rhino is a predominately indica strain.  White Rhino has tight conical buds with a pale almost lime green coloration with pale orange pistils covered in a moderate level of trichomes.  A pungently sweet smell emanates from the buds with an almost cheesy odour mixed in.  The high is fast-acting and hits the upper head then floods down to the body creating an overall sense of ease and relaxation that may induce couch-lock.

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3 reviews for WHITE RHINO

  1. Tom Bauer (verified owner)

    wow, beauty; cheesy smell, tastes like grapefruit exhaling off a pipe, easy-going soft high that is completely relaxed and agreeable, special; ours was one big beautiful bud

  2. sean slattery (verified owner)

    nice sweet cheesy smell huge buds great deal thanks again KC!

  3. Clealand (verified owner)

    White Rhino is one of my all time favorites and this one was very good at for this pricepoint, but I felt that the last batch I got from here was more potent. It would be nice to see a Living Soil batch of this strain to compare.

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