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White Widow is a sativa hybrid strain that has been around since the 90’s and originally was a cross of a Brazilian Sativa with a South Indian Indica strain.  This strain of White Widow has extremely dense buds with lighter greens and rusty orange hairs with a noticeable level of crystals.  White Widow has an almost ammonia-like smell mixed with hints of citrus and pine which combines to create a peppery like odour.  The taste of White Widow is fairly similar to how it smells with some added woody accents.  A high builds relatively quickly in the mind and seems to gain in strength over time.  A body high is evident as well, but is quite mild in nature.

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1 review for White Widow

  1. Mathew MacKillop (verified owner)

    A fairly nice batch of White Widow. Nice and dense, and fresh enough to still have a good nose and taste. Very typical WW aroma, citrusy-pine with that strange floral-chemical note. Nugs are small to medium, a little leafy in spots, and not as crusted with trichomes as more premium strains, but still sparkly, especially under zoom.

    Effects are more than you’d expect for the price. Energetic and motivating, but also causes enough fog for all that motivation to be pretty wasted as you sit around trying to remember what it was you wanted to do…

    A solid 4 stars, and a great buy at this price. I can only imagine what #1 Platinum WW would be like.

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